Bodog Casino

Bodog is one of the strangest names we have ever seen for a casino, but it does stick in the mind. This could be why we often think of Bodog and want to see what’s new there. Our recent foray onto the site has led to this updated review, so come with us to see what we found there.

Games from several software developers

This is a promising start as we know there are going to be more games to choose from. The names include major ones such as Microgaming and RTG, but you can expect a few more to appear there as well.

Get a feel for the casino inside the lobby

This is the best place to learn more about any casino – and it works for Bodog Casino as well. You can expect lots of slot games, although there is a decent quantity of video poker, specialty titles, and other game types too.

How to join Bodog Casino

The invitation is on the homepage, as you knew it would be. Before you begin with the signup form, make sure you don’t fall foul of the signup restrictions at Bodog.

Can you sign up to the casino?

It took us a while to find out more on this topic, and we can tell you that the casino is way more restrictive than lots of others. It seems as if those living in Canada can use the casino… but that is about it. The best bet is to see if you can visit the official site because if you do and you cannot get into it, you cannot play there.

Do they offer plenty of games to try?

Yes, there are loads of titles to explore when you visit Bodog Casino. And since we know there are a handful of developers to look forward to, we know there are going to be plenty of diverse ideas in there as well. The perfect mix if you’re looking for variety.

Bodog has lots of slots

They’re known for their slots, so you can expect lots of them to turn up at Bodog

Casino. We also noticed the mix of famous and lesser-known games appearing among the titles. This is always a reassuring point to note, as it means there are plenty of possibilities to check out.

Are there lots of free games to try?

We know that several of the developers tend to issue demos along with the real games they release. It would be time consuming to go through all the games at Bodog, although we can say with confidence that the site does have lots of games that do have practice options to choose if you want to know more before betting on them.

Exploring the coin potential in the paid games

Each game comes with several coins, so you can adjust the wager you play for the games that interest you. However, the range varies with each game you find. You do need to think about how much you might afford to play – and what your limit is on budgeting to play before you begin.

Bodog also introduces new slots to the mix

Bodog offers more potential to find new slot games than casinos with just one developer involved. This means you’re usually going to find something new to try at least each month… and possibly more often than that.

Explore the latest Bodog promotions

The casino has a welcome offer for those just joining the site. You may wish to look for the chance of a no deposit deal first. These sometimes appear elsewhere and not just at Bodog Casino. You can also explore their promotions to see if you can claim an offer on another deposit if you are ready to make one.

Tournaments didn’t turn up anywhere

We never discount the possibility of these events for any casino. However, Bodog hadn’t added an area for these to sit in when we last visited the site.

No winners to read about

Bodog Casino hasn’t followed the pattern set by a few other casinos in revealing some prize winners on the site.

Explore the chance for some Bodog Casino rewards

This program is available to everyone. All you need to do is to begin betting on the real games to begin earning points. The site offers a section that is devoted to this, so you can read about how the points system works and what you can exchange th

em for.

Mobile gaming with Bodog Casino

Players using tablets and smartphones can visit Bodog without downloading an app for Android or iOS. Your usual mobile browser ought to be just fine for visiting and playing their mobile games.

You won’t be able to play without registration

Play the demos once you’re signed in and explore the rest of the site and its potential. You do need an account though.

Is this an instant play casino?

Yes, it doesn’t look as if they have any downloadable software to worry about.

Affiliate program details

Bodog Casino joins many other sites in offering an affiliate program for those who would like to promote the casino. They have a link on this, giving you an opportunity to read about it and see if it might suit you.

Sporting services also feature at Bodog

You can go to the main menu to head over to the sportsbook if you’re looking for a website that also has this feature.

Would you believe Bodog has a forum?

This must be the first time we have ever visited an online casino that also offers a forum. It won’t suit all players, but it is superb to see one available there.

You can also try a few live dealer games

Bodog offers a handful of games covering many game types, including the most popular blackjack and roulette games.

Depositing at Bodog Casino

They have many available methods, covering Bitcoin, card options, and Interac among others. Our advice is to sign into your account, as some methods may be limited to certain locations.

Making a withdrawal can be done via the cashier too

Read the details on this before you withdraw and check which methods are avail

able to you.

Plenty of support for Bitcoin

If you’ve never used Bitcoin at an online casino before, you can learn more about it by visiting Bodog and reading their help pages on the cryptocurrency.

Can you find help at Bodog?

Yes, they’ve done well on this topic. The help center is large and covers many topics, so you may never need to contact the team. They do supply contact info if you need it though.