Dolphin Tale Slots

If you are fond of dolphins, and enjoy role-playing games, then you will get a real kick out of Dolphin Tale Slots. The theme of the game is an underwater city, with houses and stores, banks and schools as well as other things one usually finds in a city, including the police… in the form of a shrimp. Dolphin Tale slots is a big 40 payline game, with just about every spin of the 5 reels netting players some sort of win. Coin values range from 0.01 to 0.25, with 5 coins maximum per payline. The maximum wager per spin is 200 coins or $50.

Can You Help Solve the Crime?

There’s a crime spree going on in this underwater city, and players will be joining the Blue Squad in an attempt to help the citizens solve the mysterious crimes and place the bad guys in jail. Once the game loads, players have the option to view a short movie introduction that will familiarize them with the cast of characters in Dolphin Tale slots. The animation is wonderful, and the comic characters are very cute indeed.

Meet the Cast of Characters

Head of the Blue Squad is a walrus by the name of Chief Rusty Washington. His secretary is an octopus called Merle. A rookie dolphin, Bobbie Bluefin, a sea turtle named Karl Leroy Sheldon, and a fish called Lucille Sue-Ann Sturgeon make up the good guys, while the bad guy is the local snitch, Louie. There is also a Spy Clam in the city. Other reel symbols include the Deep Sea Diner, a Casino Ship, a bank, a motel, a salon, and Police Station reef.

The Rookie Dolphin Wild Symbol

The rookie dolphin, Bobbie Bluefin is the wild symbol, which means he can substitute for any of the other symbols except for the Scatter symbol to make winning combinations for players. Bobbie Bluefin is proud to bring players of Dolphin Tale Slots the biggest jackpot in the game, which is 3000 coins or $3,750 when five Bobbies appear on the reels. The scatter symbol is the Spy Clam. Two, three, four, or five Spy Clams will multiply bets by two, three, ten or fifty times. A maximum wager of $50 could net players up to $2500 per spin.

Dolphin Tale Slots Bonus Game

The Bonus game for Dolphin Tale Slots is activated when a player gets three or more of the Spy Clams. You will be presented with several of the game characters, and asked which one of them you suspect of having the maximum number of free spins and a multiplier behind them. If players choose correctly, they can win up to 25 free spins, with a maximum multiplier of 20x. This time, five rookie dolphins can net players up to 60,000 coins or $75,000. An Extra Wild symbol will appear on reels two, three, or four, which can help players win an amazing amount!