iPhone 4 Problems Not Affecting Online Gamblers In Europe

The iPhone has managed to do something that has yet to be done with phones...offering features and applications that have never been offered before. But...from day one the new Apple phone has been a problem for many, despite the record sales. Signal strength has been the most commonly reported problem but not exclusive...others have complained about antenna problems and screen discoloration. This has not seemed to be any problem for the online gamblers in Europe who have transitioned into their new iPhone 4 quite nicely. New mobile device technology has to consider Online gambling when developing their products because millions of online gamers are counting on it and many countries have bent the rules regarding Internet gambling laws for those who use mobile devices to do their gaming. This is just the first sign of light at the end of the tunnel that the US might change their minds about Internet gambling. Representative Barney Frank has been working on this feverishly, hoping to set up a regulated online gambling industry and eliminate the Unlawful Internet gambling Enforcement Act.