Rise of Poseidon

It was only a matter of time before Poseidon was brought to life with a Casino Slot game such as this beauty. Hugely entertaining and wildly original, the game is full of twists and turns. Rise of Poseidon is a brand new game which embraces the sea world with open arms and manages to recreate a believable, crystal blue, mythical world ruled by none other than Poseidon, replete with his Trident. According to Greek mythology, the God Poseidon could command the waves and all sea creatures, including the terrifying Kraken; a huge underwater monster large enough to destroy a city. The theme is really original with a video introduction and lovely musical interludes. Even the dynamic music adds drama to the game, especially after a win.

Mechanics of the Game

So what kind of a game is Rise of Poseidon aside from the mythology? This versatile Slot game has 5 Reels to play on with a whopping 30 Paylines, so the interface is a familiar and tested one. The game is not progressive, nevertheless it boasts a host of great features that spice up play considerably. Free Spins, Scatter and Wild Symbols are all here. Coin values range from $0.01 to $0.25, and there is the option of selecting 1 to 10 coins per spin. Using the "select lines" button on the game allows one to choose different coins and values for each of the 30 Paylines creating multiple combinations. Wagering maximum coins would set you back $75 in total.

Beautiful Crafted Symbols & Free Spins

Apart from the standard type icons depicting high card values, the game incorporates numbers 9 and 10, the Jack, Queen, King and Ace card icons. In addition we have a number of themed icons such as, Poseidon himself, a Turtle, an ancient Ship, an aggressive looking Octopus, a Sea Horse, a Trident all relevantly connected to the mythology of Poseidon. Free Spins are accompanied by theatrical music and exploding graphics as the Wild Symbol; Poseidon, expands on the screen before your very eyes. This can only happen during the Free Spins round, so you really need to take the advantages on offer by adjusting your betting amounts accordingly. When the sea turns rough and stormy, and Reels 1 to 3 are filled with a huge Poseidon icon, the Free Spins round has commenced. This Wild Symbol has the ability to substitute any other symbol apart from the Trident icon. In addition, there is a 2x multiplier feature. The Scatter Symbol is represented by the Trident icon. If you land 3, 4 or 5 of them anywhere on the reels, you stand to win 9, 18 or 36 Free Spins.

Rise of Poseidon is one of those games once played, remains ingrained in memory. An innovative design and creative graphics, along with great theatrical music propels Rise of Poseidon to the very top, up there with the best and most entertaining games to be found in any online casino. It would be a real shame “not” to give it a try.