Slots Oasis Casino

Real Time Gaming does it again - on both the entertainment front and the wide-availability front. If you're from the US, they make sure you're not excluded and welcome you to Slots Oasis Casino with open arms. Boasting top-notch progressive slots and riveting tournament play, you can rev up your competitive juices while taking advantage of the setup they have to artificially increase your chances at winning, well above the chance given to you by the mathematics of casino play. It's tempting to wonder why all the other big casino players aren't taking advantage of the eager US Player market - but you can rest assured that Slots Casino Oasis is here to stay for North Americans.

Slots Oasis Isn't Only All about Slots

In case you haven't figured it out from the name, there's one thing that Slots Oasis truly excels at - you get only one guess to figure it out! Although slots are their main concern; don't be fooled by the name: they've got video poker that'll keep you on the edge of your lounging chair, card games, and European roulette (single zero; competitive with the other table games in terms of the small House edge). Of course, being a part of the Real Time Gaming Suite, you can also expect games like Sic Bo, Caribbean Hold 'em, Stud Poker, blackjack, Keno, Pontoon and many more games. It may be a slots paradise, but there are literally entirely islands of other gaming options around.

A Slots Paradise

But of course, it's the slots that interest you, so without further ado…Slots Oasis has progressive slots for the big winners and normal slots for the normal guys. Classic 3-reel slots and 5-reel slots litter their library, sporting the most modern amendments to enhance gameplay. Autoplay features, bonus games-within-games, and more make for riveting play. They've got the recent underwater slots too - such as Mermaid slots - that are starting to see waves (no pun intended) of online casino gamers gravitate towards:

  • Crystal Waters Video slot - Wavy symbols of the higher card suits, crabs, sea turtles, fish seahorses and conch shells introduce you to this semi-popular underwater slots hosted by Slots Oasis Casino. If you've got a thing for the tropical beaches and crystal blue-green seas, then this 5 reel video slot with and Autoplay feature may be just the one to whet your appetite.

  • Mermaid Queen slots - a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot powerhouse with eager players racking up numbers daily. This tropical paradise brings ll the usual suspects to life on the reels, with clam symbols, pearl symbols, ships, men, necklaces made of seashells, tropical fish and the higher card suits. As you might have suspected, the gorgeous Mermaid Queen herself is the Wild Symbol, and she exists to do your bidding (on the reels!). She can sub for all symbols but the Clam, which functions as the Scatter. Some of the fantastic features include the chance to win 200 times your initial bet, ten free spins, and even a Random Jackpot.

  • Sevens and Stripes - this tiny, 3 reel slot game has just a single payline. This very classic slot looks precisely like a real slot machine you might find in a physical casino, with the red-white-and-blue background and foreground to match. The game can get downright patriotic when handing out wins once you set the wheels to spinning. An American classic for sure.
  • It's Good to be Bad - Another short slot with 3 reels and a single payline; this lets you explore that bad angel sitting on your left shoulder. That's not an angel, you say? Well, whatever it is, there's a splitting image of it dancing on your video slot machine, turning everything that would be bad in a more conventional slot machine into good. All your failures get turned into wins, in a sense. A unique take, but only useful if you download now at Slots Oasis and take advantage.
  • Jackpot Piñatas - this 5 reel, 20 payline standard slots will probably remind you of any birthday party you went to before your teenage years. Full of color and vibrant with piñata animals, the Mexican party-themed surroundings bring a smile to the face with burrito symbols, dancers, birthday gifts and the obvious fireworks. The donkey piñata is the Wild Symbol; the dog piñata is the Scatter. You can get Fee spins in this progressive, with a steadily growing jackpot that makes you want to swing, swing away!
  • Midlife Crisis Slots - The odd 5 reel, 9 payline video slot that explores our transition between the earlier and latter parts of our lives. This one is a bit unwieldy to discuss, but it basically surrounds you with all the things that might catch your eye and make you wish you were just a bit younger. Download now at Slots Oasis for the hilarious video slot that explores the midlife crisis.

Slots Oasis Practically Gives Away Money

With all these selections, there's got to be promotional bonuses, right? We'll, you've never been more right when it comes to this gold beacon in the desert: Slots Oasis is spoken about in hushed tones on online casino gamer message boards for its truly magnificent bonus of 400%, just for signing up and downloading now their Real Time Gaming software package. It makes every Slots Oasis veteran wish they were a first-time gamer all over again. Just think of the feeling of being able to put down $150 into your newly-formed account, only to see it read a whopping $600?!

Of course, the fun only just begins when after you've signed up and played a few rounds - as a veteran, you'll have access to their weekly bonuses, as well as a policy of the more you play, the more free stuff you get. You can win so much money, it almost makes their weekly withdrawal limit of $2000 seem paltry! Something tells me you'll manage with an extra $8000 a month, if you're lucky enough to capture such winnings.

Slots Oasis Security and Safety

With their adequate security and fairness, you'll experience winning at Slots Casino on a potentially grand scale. If you consider yourself a slots fanatic, then how can you truly call yourself one without a spin at this oasis? You can take a break from the reels anytime you want with the single-format and multi-format blackjack tables for a crack at the good old-fashioned casino mainstay. The Blackjack bonus of 200%, for deposits of up to $1,000 should serve as an enticing enough reason to stray from the slots, even for the most avid payline player. More than the sum of its parts, Slots Oasis is a winner, and their frequent weekend bonuses are just more proof that they want you to be one too.