Vikings Voyage Slots

The Vikings are back from plundering and raiding Europe's treasures and now you have your chance to download video slots and grab some of those treasures yourself. Spin your way through the sea-based graphics and traditional Norse themes to find the 5 reels and 20 paylines. Along the way you'll be helped by the two scatter and wild symbols. Don't be put off by the Viking's treacherous ways, either. With user-friendly software this game is surprisingly easy to get the hang of, and equally as addictive once you're in the swing of things. Download and Play Vikings Voyage Slots!

Vikings Voyage Slots Tips and tricks:

Take full advantage of the wild and scatter symbols in order to get closer to the jackpot of 5,000 coins ($25,000), and 10,000 coins earned via free-spins. If this is your first play then you can bet as little as $0.2 per line after you download video slots, but if you're an expert this goes anywhere up to $100, so you should choose accordingly. Try for three longboats or more to get ten free spins, five ladies for 5,000 coins, five axes for 2,000 coins, or five coin symbols for 1,000 coins.

Symbols of savagery:

The Ace, King, Queen, Jack, ten and nine symbols are joined by the Viking wild symbol (which only appears on reels five and one), and the longboat scatter symbol, as well as a chalice, lady, axe and coin. Get the Viking wild symbol in rows one or five along with a winning combination and you'll go away with three times what you would've originally won.

The longboat scatter symbol has a number of benefits outlined below, but perhaps the most important is that it unlocks free spins, which in turn double your original winnings. Just landed 5 ladies and the $25,000 jackpot? That's doubled to $50,000 if you get to spin again!

Bonus rounds:

The Vikings Voyage Slots' bonus game involves free spins and multiplying your bets by landing the scatter symbol (the longboat). Get three of these and you've just doubled your bet. Get four and you multiply your original bet by five, and get five longboat symbols and your bet will be multiplied by an immense 25.

You can also get a re-spin if you land two longboats, ten free spins if you land three, and have all your slots held if you land five longboats, plus the multiplied bets mentioned above. Just remember, longboats mean long goes when you download video slots like these.

Getting hold of a longboat:

Click help in the corner of the screen at any time if you forget the rules, or the symbols you need to look out for. After you download video slots game 'Vikings Voyage', however, the game will take you aboard and you'll be lining up scatter symbols and re spinning your slots before you know it.

For an enthralling adventure and a chance to win up to $50,000 all at once, download Vikings Voyage Slots. Once you're there just register as a member, head to the virtual coast and prepare to sail the seas against your Viking counterparts.