Victory Slots

Victory Slots is a very exciting slot game...actually exciting like no other game. Prepare for the nautical feel as this is what Victory Slots illuminates. You will fight your way through the deadly sea on your command ship! The graphics and audio will make you feel like you are part of the British fleet. Victory Slots features five reels and some 20 pay lines. The coin denominations accepted in this game are a penny up to five bucks! There is also a max of 20 coins per spin. This slot game is brought to you by Real Time Gaming. Victory slots offers a random, progressive jackpot...this simply means that the more you play...the higher the jackpot grows. The difference with the random progressives is that you don't have to be doing anything besides playing to win. The jackpot is won on a random basis at any time during the twice...depends on your luck! When you play...regardless of how much you have wagered...the machine will spit out the random progressive any time that it wants to and if you happen to be playing...big cash is headed your way!

Enjoy the Nautical Theme

You will see symbols in Victory Slots that replicate the nautical theme...guns, ship's bells, sailors, cannons, and flags. The high cards in a standard playing deck are also used. The Victory Ship is the wild symbol but only look to the center reels as that is where you will find this symbol. This symbol can be subbed for any other symbol to create a winning combination, including the scatter symbol. British flags are the scatter symbols and your key to the bonus round where you will get your free spins. Five British flags get you 50 free spins! Think about the possibilities of fifty free spins with those kind of extra wins!

How to Win Even More

The big jackpot is worth 10,000 coins and it is all yours for just five Captain symbols. You can, however double your prize winnings if you win while using free spins...if a Ship happens to be in the mix then go ahead and quadruple your win! You can re-activate this to increase combinations. There are countless ways to win when you play Victory Slots.

Play during a time when the British Empire’s HMS Victory was under the command of Lord Nelson. Take your chances at British warfare...spend a day in the British navy!

The 10,000 coin jackpot is awaiting you... Play Victory Slots at RTG casinos: